The Great Adventure debuts on Nintendo DS!
A truly phenomenal adventure game with more than one million of players on PC, Runaway has now debuted in full force on the Nintendo DSTM with a groundbreaking new version.

Runaway, The Dream of the Turtle is a decidedly grown-up adventure with a pair of charismatic heroes, a full-color character gallery and a strong dose of humour. The ensemble cast has lots of style, combined with a unique and original graphic style backed by an awesome soundtrack.

The game begins as Brian and Gina are enjoying a well-deserved vacation under the Hawaiian sun. The couple decides to visit Tiki Falls. Unfortunately, their plane crashes in the jungle, and our two miraculously uninjured heroes are separated during the crash. This sets off a wacky adventure that leads Brian and Gina to the four corners of the globe where they meet military men, pirates, spies, surfers and possibly even aliens!

With Runaway, The Dream of the Turtle, you’ll feel like you’re living an incredible adventure at the heart of a hilariously fun animated film. The player moves and interacts in truly vibrant, rich and detailed environments, from tropical jungles to arctic wastelands. Moving through the game, the player will enjoy superb story-building animation sequences, twists and turns, and plenty of funny moments.

Runaway on DS, a true technical achievement.

Although there have been some quality adventure games available for the Nintendo DS before now, they clearly settled for a less "animated" style. Runaway, a touchstone among adventure games, has to live up to its spectacular PC reputation in its move to Nintendo’s portable console. With the PC version of the game taking up the size of a DVD-ROM, it was a challenge to fit so much data onto a Nintendo DS cartridge. Released on the largest DS cartridge (1 GB + 512 MB EEPROM), the game is one of the first to use the new VX2 video codec on DS, which makes it possible to offer more than an hour of video sequences designed to enhance the storyline, along with lots of comedic moments.

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