Released in 2003, Runaway, A Road Adventure injected adventure games with new life by becoming one of the biggest hits of the year with over one million PC units sold in the world. What the Spanish development studio and game's creators, Pendulo Studios, did that was so successful was to propose a distinctly adult adventure with a duo of charismatic heroes, a cast of highly colourful characters and a good dose of humour. The whole cocktail looked good, and sounded good, served up as it was with an original eye-catching graphic style with the perfect soundtrack.

Aware of the expectations a sequel to Brian & Gina's adventures would trigger a few years after the first release, Pendulo Studios has taken its time to develop and improve this new episode called The Dream of the Turtle. The team has worked hard with a very clear and precise objective: to make the game better than the original in every way and offer an even funnier and captivating gaming experience.


With Runaway, The Dream of the Turtle, Pendulo Studios will once again serve up a highly polished, detailed world. Without detracting from the cartoon adventure graphics that lend the game such charm, Pendulo has also brought in a whole host of technical improvements with changes to the game engine and the use of special effects.
Characters benefit from real time depth and lighting effects; the settings are more lively and also feature dynamic lighting, atmospheric effects, real time camera changes and hundreds of animations. All this creates a very unique effect bringing together both game sequences and cartoon phases of which there are more than an hour in total. Runaway, The Dream of the Turtle gives the impression of experiencing an incredible adventure via a classic cartoon movie. The player progresses and interacts with real living environments crammed with detail. There are superb cinematics to accompany the player's progression through the game that also underpin the plot, its surprise developments and many comic moments.

100% Runaway

Humour is naturally on the agenda in this new episode and it is crammed with references to cinema, cartoon and video games. Runaway is a real comedy that goes all out crazy at times with great gags and way-out puzzles.
There are thirty or so new characters in the Runaway, The Dream of the Turtle cast list. Fans of the first episode will be over the moon to discover several cult characters like Joshua the mad professor or Sushi Douglas, the millionaire hacker.
The soundtrack of the first Runaway has stayed chugging round the heads of many players. Runaway, The Dream of the Turtle will also benefit from a quality original soundtrack. There are new songs from Vera, the ex-singer of Liquor, whose voice was so redolent of the Cranberries in the first Runaway. The main theme of Runaway, The Dream of the Turtle , heard on the game's official trailer, is a good old booming RnB track sung by Rykc, a young Spanish singer with a future ahead of him.

Runaway, A world adventure...

The adventure is made up of 6 main chapters. Players can explore more than 100 different places in all four corners of the globe: Alaska, Hawaii, underwater or in the sky, in the heart of the jungle or on board a huge yacht. There are tons of different colourful places, marvellous backdrops for an unforgettable adventure. Pendulo Studios has concocted a large number of tasty puzzles and scintillating enigmas of advancing difficulty levels for players to solve. But Pendulo Studios has also taken care that nobody will get stuck for too long in certain game passages; difficulty levels in comparison with the first episode remain the same. All players have to do is open their eyes and ears for clues that emerge throughout and deploy the basic level of nous required for all adventure games.

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