Brian Basco
: The hero (in a manner of speaking)
You only have to look at him to realise that he is no longer the tense, timid student we knew in Runaway, A Road Adventure. But has he changed that much?

Gina Timmins: The girl who attracts trouble like flies
Nobody knows quite how she does it, but it seems the ex-stripper was born for trouble. As ever, in his attempts to get her out of a pickle, Brian will be lead to discover mysterious goings-on which won't necessarily make everybody happy.

Nathaniel L. Kordsmeier: The Colonel of corruption
It is said that he eats machine gun ammo for breakfast and that he uses Napalm as aftershave. It is also said that he is stark raving mad. He prefers to describe himself as a romantic and he is a great lover - of war - to such an extent that he would kill for his passion.

Joshua: The mad professor
Joshua is much like the truth: he is always "out there". Which doesn't mean he's not a total genius. Some say he was kidnapped by extraterrestrials and that one of these days he'll turn back up with a return to sender sticker on his forehead marked: "You try putting up with him!"

Sushi Douglas: "Tinkerbell"
She'll do anything to help Brian. And when you are of superior intellect, loaded with cash and you spend your day hacking on the WWW, the world is your oyster: you can charter boats if you want or loot pre-Columbian tombs. IT has a great future in store!

KNIFE: The Austrialian surfer
The adrenaline junkie is a great fan of rafting, parachuting, Tai-chi, climbing, skateboarding, diving, and water skiing. His latest fad is surfing and, as there's no surf, lack of adrenaline might just send his ticker into meltdown.

LOKELANI: The man-eater
Not long ago, she decided to jack it all in and return to her native Hawaii. But do not be deceived by appearances: despite her youth, the waitress was once a Hollywood movie star who trotted the globe, entertaining her lovers. 85 to be exact.

KOALA: The force of nature
In his head, he is nothing but a child. Which means its difficult to begrudge him anything. He is generally uncommunicative which leaves his mouth free to bite everything that moves. He doesn't think (or very rarely) which gives him more time to act. Anybody who has seen him in action, thinks twice before messing with him in the future. Those who survive that is...

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